#1 Party School



Party SchoolSo at this moment it is 12:41 in the AM after what started off as a pretty chill Sunday evening. And then, please pardon my french, the shit hit the motherfucking fan.

Some of you may know that the University of Iowa is the country’s #1 Party School, or have heard about Vodka Sam. Now, I absolutely love my school and love being a Hawkeye, and usually when people bring this up, I counter with things like:

Yes, lots of people in Iowa City party hard, but that’s a choice you make, and there are so many other great options for alcohol free fun and culture that lots of students take advantage of. 

Yes, many students at Iowa party frequently, but we’re also ranked with a top ten student-run philanthropy (The University of Iowa Dance Marathon) and have been ranked in the top 5 for student volunteer hours. 

Yes, Iowa Fraternity and Sorority Life can get pretty wild, but many in the Greek community, especially the members of our Multicultural Greek Council (look for my picture on their page!) and my siblings in Gamma Rho Lambda, are working to change what it means to be Greek –without alcohol in the mix. 

And so on, and so forth; you get the picture. But tonight, I have to concede that sometimes my peers here in Iowa City really live up to that reputation. I was relaxing at home, watching nature movies on Netflix with my roommate, enjoying a hot cup of coffee (I will drink coffee at pretty much any hour), and generally having a very chill and lovely evening. Then, the roomie warns me that one of her friends is going to be stopping by; he was drunk and needed a place to come sit for a while and hang out. Let’s not mention that I didn’t even think it strange at the time that he would be out and drunk on a Sunday evening…

So this kid showed up, dropped into our comfiest chair, and after chatting for a while fell asleep (or maybe passed out, in hindsight). A little bit later, he woke up and went rushing to the bathroom. I knew he would throw, and was worried that there might be some clean up, but figured it would be minor, and that my roomie would probably take the brunt of the responsibility since it was her friend. Little did I know…

Not long after this, that inebriated young man came stumbling out of our bathroom, apologizing up a storm, and slurring his words more than a little bit. All I really caught was, ”Your toilet flooded…” before I was on my feet and at the bathroom doorway. What I saw inside was horrifying.

He really meant it when he said FLOOD. The floor was covered in at least an inch of water, and more in some places, with some unmentionable bits floating around, not to mention the splashes of his puke all over the shower curtain, side of the tub, wall, and toilet. We live on the fourth floor, our bathroom has no drain, and we only have Swiffer for mopping. I was terrified we were going to end up flooding the whole freakin’ building… Instead, we put on our rain-boots, soaked up the water with just about every towel we own, bleached the crap of everything, and did a quick couple loads of laundry.

Currently, even though it is -1 degree outside, we have some windows open and fans going to get rid of the bleach and vomit smell. Thank God we have two bathrooms, because I may never use that one again.

Moral of the story? PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY. It’s okay to have fun and loosen up sometimes, you don’t need to pass out, black out, fall over, or vomit all over your friend’s apartment to do that. Have someone sober with you to monitor your intake and make sure you get home okay, and to take care of you if you do go a little overboard. Also, please show some courtesy to your hosts. 🙂

Like I said, I wish this weren’t my second post here and first post with real content, but so it goes. Soon I can fill you in on how awesome my roommate is, how sucky our relationship with our other roommate is, Greek life at Iowa, and all sorts of other things!

Goodnight world,



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