First Post


Helloooooooo world! It’s mighty fine to see you. Thanks for stopping by!


The above blurry photo is me, and this is my new blog. This isn’t my first venture into the blogging world, but I hope it will be my most successful (one summer I was on a really big healthy living kick and started a blog to record my efforts. I quit writing like I wanted to, and it died).

I’m a Junior this year at the University of Iowa, and I had a really rough time this past semester. With the New Year approaching, and with enough time during the Winter Break to reflect, plan, ponder my existence, yadda yadda, I’ve been thinking that I really want to try to get back into the habit of journaling to help me deal with life and stuff. I’m hoping that if I use the blog format, I’ll be more inclined to keep writing! Plus, I’d love to have a more personal space to share recipes, photos, education-related things, college-related things, queer life-related things, and the like, and have it all compiled in one nicely-organized spot.

And hopefully, someone out there will read it, enjoy it, and maybe get something out of it!

I know this first post has been a ramble, but I hope you’ll come back. I’m setting a small goal for myself to start with at least one post per week focusing on a different topic each time, so there will be plenty of new material coming!

Thanks for reading!



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