My Best Friend’s Wedding


My Best Friend’s Wedding

My two best friends started dating each other in high school. It was like a teenage romantic comedy; they both started texting me around the same time, telling me “I think I like him” and “I think I like her.” Their first kiss was in my driveway. They’re doing the long distance thing right now since he chose a college in Tennessee, but when they get married the Summer right after graduation, I’ll be officiating the wedding. It’s pretty adorable. They love each other, and I’m very happy for them. 

But I have to agree with a lot of things this article that’s been trending on my Facebook and Tumblr is saying. I really worry that both of my friends, but especially Sophie, with whom I’ve been friends since junior high, will miss out on a lot of opportunities and experiences because of their young marriage. She’s been pretty sheltered by her family for most of her life, and she seems to be holding onto a lot of security blankets, avoiding adventure and exploration in college. It seems like the only adventure she seems to ever plan to take is marriage. 

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but there are a lot of things that I think can and should come before that. We all make our own choices, and I will respect theirs, but it’s hard for me not to worry about my friends. I hope they don’t use each other as security blankets. 


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