She broke up with me


My girlfriend finally broke up with me tonight. 

I don’t mean finally like “I couldn’t wait for this to happen and now it finally has,” but finally as in “it’s the end.” 

We went through a rough patch, but we had talked, worked on things, took space. I was so ready to work to make it work, and so sure that we would. I kept telling my friends that we had made it through the hard time and things were so much better now and improving all the time. I guess for her it was already too late. She acknowledges that things have been better this past month, but doesn’t think we can keep it up in the new semester when life gets crazy again. Quit while we’re ahead I suppose. 

It’s late. It hurts. And I dunno how I’m supposed to sleep. My Facebook relationship status is hidden and my profile picture changed. Couldn’t bring myself to take it away completely. 

We’ve been together for over a year, but the anniversary of the day she asked me to make it official and my coming out was coming up early this February. I’m so sad that I won’t get to celebrate that with her. 

We’re determined to keep being best friends. I couldn’t bear to lose her completely, but this is going to be so hard. I love her very much.