Introducing My Coffee Mug Collection!


As I’ve mentioned before, and as the above title probably makes rather clear, I collect coffee mugs. I have a TON. My apartment has a double cupboard completely dedicated to coffee mugs, almost all of which are mine, and we’re starting to run out of room. In fact, I think I may have a problem. 

Nah, it’s not a problem. I love coffee and drink it on the daily, so why not invest in super awesome coffee receptacles? They’re practical, and can totally function as are pieces too in a lot of ways. 

So, I’ve decided that once or twice a week, I’ll pick a mug to feature here, along with a description of the beverage and/or meal I had at the time, and of course the story behind that given mug. They will be appearing in no particular order other than that in which I use them. This way I might actually find out exactly how many I have now anyway! 

So, without further ado, I present you Coffee Mug #1: Melody Malone!

Melody Malone


As many of you probably know, this fantastic mug is an homage one of my favorite Doctor Who characters, River Song, and her message to the doctor via a private eye who-dun-it paperback. I saw it online and shared it on my Facebook, and ended up getting it as a gift from my father, who lives in California. It was a great surprise! This morning I used it for my coffee (treated with a little almond milk and tiny touch of sugar) to go with the pancakes my roommate made for breakfast; she said they had too much vanilla, but I thought they were delicious.